Class Policies

The Focus Theater reserves the right to accept or deny any individual applications.

Students must be 18 years or older to register for a class.  Waivers are available for students ages 16 to 17 with permission from a legal guardian.  The Focus theater also offers classes and workshops for children and teens from time to time.

All students begin our performance programs at Level 1 regardless of experience.  Waivers are available on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Focus Theater.

Placement in classes and workshops are only guaranteed once payment has been received in full.

The Focus Theater reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a classes that do not reach the minimum number of required students.

The Focus Theater reserves the right to change instructors for classes as needed.

Because this is a shared art form that relies on a commitment to an ensemble, students are expected to arrive on time and are allowed no more than 1 absence during each 8 week session.  Students must contact the Focus Theater Training Center directly by e-mail to notify us any upcoming or last-minute attendance issues.  Unless approved by the Focus Theater, students MUST attend the first and last day of all classes.

Participation in, or completion of, classes does not guarantee placement in productions beyond those included with classes.

The Focus Theater reserves the right to retain or promote a student according to ability and need.

Classes may be repeated at half price.  Discounted, repeat registrations must be completed in person at the Focus Theater.  Students repeating classes due to absences do not qualify for the 50% discount.

All students receive IDs which grant them free or reduced admission to most Focus Theater productions.  This does not apply to special events or independent productions taking place in the theater.  Students may be asked to give up discounted seats to customers paying full price in the event of sold out productions.  The Focus Theater reserves the right to update or change this policy at any time, as needed.

All sales are final. There are no refunds.  If you cannot attend the class you registered for your tuition can be credited for classes at a later time.  However, you must contact the Focus Theater Training Center BEFORE the class and/or session begins. Credit for future classes can not be used if correspondence is received after the session begins.

Classes in our Performance Tracks may be repeated for a $50 discount off of the original price of $150.  This does not apply to students who are asked to repeat for attendance issues.

Anti-Harassment Policy:

The Focus Theater is vigorously committed to the care and safety of our students.  And while boundaries of all kinds are often pushed in our creative learning  environment, we do not tolerate any types of verbal, sexual, or physical harassment.  Whether anonymous or otherwise, the Focus Theater will quickly investigate and take action on any and all matters involving harassment.  Consequences could include verbal warnings, removal from classes and productions, and/or being barred from entering the theater entirely.  Escalation and enforcement of these steps may vary based on the severity of individual incidents.  Any individual being asked to leave the theater or class will not be issued refunds for tickets or tuition.